Architectural studio of Paul Pavlenko - a creative union of young and creative professionals in the architecture of residential and public buildings and interior design.
We are engaged in architectural design and interior design objects of any size and complexity. Three members of the group has designed and implemented the following objects of architecture and design: private country houses, cottages, mansions, villas, hotels and apartment buildings and complexes, office and exhibition centers, shopping and shopping and entertainment complexes, auto centers, industrial and logistics centers ; interiors of public buildings, the interiors of restaurants, cafes and clubs, interiors of shops and galleries, interior suburban mansions and private city apartments.
Each of the specialists of our group has its own professional, typological or stylistic direction, that is the most successful in the architectural design or interior design in three-dimensional object modeling or prototyping in the design or landscape design, furniture, communication with the customer in an office or a contractor on a construction site, the design of minimalism, or the classics. But at the same level of professionalism of any member of our organization allows it to easily connect to work to solve entirely different problems associated with the design, which in turn eliminates the appearance of such widespread problems at the present time, as failure to implement a "beautiful" project of for his constructive illiterate and technical solutions.
The geography of our projects is not limited to Kiev and Kiev region - we have designed for the Crimea, Dnipropetrovsk, Lviv, Poltava, Chernigov and other cities.
Our design team works closely with many foreign and domestic suppliers of materials and engineering equipment, which allows us to be aware of all the engineering and technical innovations and use advanced technologies and expertise in the design process. We also work with construction companies, suppliers of materials, plumbing and electrical equipment, furniture, decor and accessories that will help in solving the complex problems associated with design and construction.
Summing all the above, we can assure you that in the end our cooperation you will receive quality and original product as an object of architecture or design.

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